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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Islamic Ways to Live a Happy Married Life

How to live a happy married life is a question asked by many couples. We take consultation and hire others services to help us with our marriage but we never refer to the religion which has almost all answers. Below are some of the ways to live a happy married life as per Islam:

• The last Prophet (PBUH) stated wife as fragile and sensitive hence gave instructions to take good care of her.
• While giving advice to your wife make sure that no one else is listening, do not expose and make it public.
• Give your wife a feeling of generosity; this will bring her closer to you.
• Don't reject your wife's suggestion altogether and don't stop her when she starts discussing any issue instead be a good listener and avoid being rigid in conversations with her.
• The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, always call your wife with good name and if possible with the name she loves to hear from your mouth.
• Give your wife surprise gifts and give her proper attentions.
• Prophet (PBUH) said, we all have shortcomings, so ignore her shortcomings and the Allah will strengthen your marriage.
• Never stop her to meet her parents and friends, encourage and appreciate her to keep good relationships with others and have a social circle. Always praise her while you are sitting with her relatives and friends, this will increase her love for you.
• Islam emphasizes that individuals should think good about others especially your spouses.
• Remember she is the one who is playing an active role in bringing up your children so respect her and don't shout on her in front of your kids. Her strength as well as her success is yours because you both are just like one soul in two bodies.
• Remember never put someone else above your wife, because no one can get her place.
• The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to help his (PBUH) wives at home by stitching his own clothes etc and he (PBUH) always acts as a helping hand, so it is good to help your wife at domestic works whenever possible.
• Always remember in your prayers your wife and your whole family, God will protect your family in troubles.
• Feel your wife is the best wife of the world, forget the past and look for the better future, this is the only for a happy life.
• Shaitaan (Devil) is the enemy of man and he loves to make divorces, so whenever a fight begins while talking to your wife, this is the shaitaan (the devil) work, so ignore the fight and ask God to strengthen your relationship and protect it from the devil.
• Islam emphasizes that the man should give as much love as he can by doing small actions like put a spoon of food to her mouth with your hands so that she can feel your love with the taste of the food (Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) practiced the same).
• Protect her every time because she is dependent on you, no matter how advanced your wife is she always needs you so your shoulder must be there when she really need it. Help her to take care of the children because it's a heavy duty she cannot handle it alone. Spend time with her and make sure you and she eat meals together.
• Don't ever share your privacy with others like your friends and other family members, whatever is there it must be between you and your wife. When you do not care for such things this means you are putting your marriage at risk.
• Celebrate the traditional and spiritual ceremonies together with your family members.
• Don't pay heed to those who are jealous of your relationship and have trust in each other. Don't just go behind what others say about your spouse. Ask and confirm if you have any doubts.

Share the great moments with her, don't leave her alone when she need your support, and give her equal opportunity to support you in all matters. Respect her because she is one of the strong pillars of your life; don't let this pillar get weak at any stage. May, Allah Almighty fills your heart with love for each other. Ameen! 

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