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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oracle released critical update!

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Oracle today had released a critical update to its widely-installed Java software, fixing at least 29 security vulnerabilities in the program.

If you have some version of Java installed, kindly verify the version from the following link;


To install the latest version which is Java 6 Update 22:

1. Go the Windows Control Panel
2. Click on the Java icon
3. Seelect the “Update Now” button on the “Update” tab

For Oracle’s patches, updates are available for Windows, Solaris and Linux. Apple has its own version of Java for their OS X systems. They will issue fixes for after several months of the official release. Kindly, refer to this link:


Java’s updater may also include additional add-on such as the Yahoo! Toolbar to bundle with the software update. If you don't need it, un-select the appropriate check box during installation.


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